Saturday Feb 10, 2024

Prescribing Balance: time management strategies for 2024

In this intriguing episode, Host Holly Wayment and our guest , Dr. Dina Tom, a wife, mother, and hospitalist at the University of Texas Health Science Center, vividly describes the challenges she faced managing time due to the unpredictable and demanding nature of her job.

Dr. Tom delves into how she overcame the metaphorical feeling of 'drowning' due to her jam-packed schedule. Her approach? Taking control of her life from personal experiences and transforming them into practical time management strategies. Also a workshop instructor, she believes in the significance of work-life balance and ground-breaking realization - modern-day individuals have more time than their ancestors.

The process of setting specific goals or "anchor words" for the year is underscored by Dr. Tom as a big help in prioritizing and managing tasks. She shares engaging accounts from her own life and that of her daughter's to demonstrate the effectiveness of this time management approach.

In a heart-to-heart discussion, Dr. Tom and our host Holly Wayment engage in an in-depth discussion on the value of time in different life stages – from parenting to professional growth. Dr. Tom emphasizes the importance of becoming intentional with your time and offers relatable advice from her personal experiences of dealing with distractions and achieving her set goals.

Concluding the episode, Dr. Tom shares her insights on creating and maintaining healthy habits. Whether it's exercising regularly or spending quality time with family, the key is intentionality and practice. Listen in for a dose of motivation and gain valuable insights into effective time management.

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